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As a part of our commitment to the long-term sustainability of our educational and scientific work in organic and regenerative farming at the Grain Place Farm, the Grain Place Foundation has established an Endowment Fund. Our goal is to raise endowed funds to match the value of the farm itself, which is currently  the primary asset of the Foundation; to date, members of the Vetter family have contributed a value of $1.4M by donating their ownership shares in the Grain Place Farm.

The endowment will ensure that we are able to provide staff for the Grain Place Farm, as well as the research, experimentation, advocacy and educational activities that David Vetter and other Grain Place leaders have engaged in for over 45 years. This support is critical to enable a transition to the next phases of the Grain Place Foundation’s future, when members of the Vetter family will no longer able to provide as much volunteer leadership and labor. It will also provide staffing support toward future projects in continuation of the legacy of the Grain Place.

Funds in the Grain Place Foundation Endowment are managed by an Endowment Committee, directed to green, sustainable, and socially responsible investments for both growth and income. A generous unrestricted gift from Linda and Greg Harrison provided funds for us to open the Endowment in early 2022.

The Jeannie Taylor Vetter Fund was established in her memory, to support internships at The Grain Place. This endowed fund began with a minimum initial investment of $20,000 contributed by her family and friends.

For more information contact:
Jay Vetter, (308) 850-3020

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