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Grain Place Foundation is seeking a farmer/advocate to help operate The Grain Place Organic Farm and participate in research and education to help develop a new generation of organic and regenerative farmers.

Beyond the minimum requirement of helping to operate the farm this position can be expanded and tailored to fit the experience, skills, education, and passions of the person hired. This is a great opportunity for someone to grow and develop as a farmer and an advocate for organic and regenerative practices. The resident farmer/advocate will be supervised and mentored by Grain Place founder, David Vetter, and the farm management team of the Grain Place Foundation Board

Challenges and Opportunities … . . .
To help operate and develop the farm as a source of research and education on behalf of the Foundation and family shareholders consistent with the philosophy and systems historically practiced (rotation plans, field layouts, etc.) and the vision and purpose of the Foundation to advance management of life forms in symbiotic relationships for the production of food, feed, and fiber through operations in cooperation with the local ecology and by conducting research and providing educational programs. . . .

Work with the other resident farmer to perform all tasks associated with the design, establishment, and subsequent upkeep of the farm to ensure a certified organic, sustainable and profitable model is maintained and the health of both animals and crops are kept at the highest level of current certified organic and Regenerative standards. . . .

To have or develop proficiency in performing a variety of tasks required to carry out farm operations in harmony with nature including but not limited to:

  • Acquiring, developing, maintaining, and using farm equipment
  • Accomplishing appropriate field practices
  • Making decisions and practicing irrigation and water management
  • Maintaining livestock/animal husbandry practices for animal welfare
  • Managing work schedule to complete tasks in a timely fashion in harmony with nature while maintaining personal health
  • Maintaining records on farm practices and for USDA Organic, Regenerative, and other certifications
  • Maintaining landscaping around farm fields, livestock lots and pastures, and your private living space.
  • Collaborating with Grain Place Foods in sharing equipment and maintaining the property including, but not limited to, snow removal, traffic areas, and other common areas.

. . . . Opportunity to become a part of developing organic and sustainable food systems through:

  • Dedicating time to learning about certified organic farming systems with a strong adherence to the established Grain Place’s direction over the last four decades
  • Gaining on-farm experience including mentoring from veterans of organic and regenerative agriculture
  • Becoming involved in field studies including maintaining appropriate data
  • Writing timely reports and participating in publication of results
  • Participating in seminars with other organizations and hosting visitors . . .

To help develop innovative/non-conventional ideas and practices with a willingness to learn from failures as well as successes, a process requiring flexibility, adaptability, and capacity to document activities and results using available technology (pc, tablets, etc.)

As organic farming is complex and a variety of skills are needed, we ask for a two to five-year commitment. Compensation package includes rent-free housing on the farm, salary $40,000 to $60,000 commensurate with experience and length of commitment, health insurance, employer match for personal retirement investment, share of beef and pork for family, and opportunity to develop compatible enterprise on the farm.

Inquire to Glenda Vetter: (308 383-1716) or Jay Vetter: (308 850-3020) If inquiring in person at The Grain Place, ask for David or Allison.

Volunteers carry out our mission

The Grain Place Foundation depends on volunteers! Board members and volunteers receive no compensation and currently pay their own personal expenses to serve.

  • Service on the Board
  • Fund Raising and Grant Writing
  • Furthering our educational mission
  • Developing Volunteer Opportunities
  • Communications – website, social media, newsletter, etc.
  • Networking with others in organic/regenerative agriculture
  • On-farm research
  • Operation of the Guest House
  • Farm Management
  • General Administration
  • Farm Labor

interested in volunteering with us?

We hope you will let us know if you would like to volunteer with the Foundation. We encourage you to use this form to let us know more about your interested and skills. (You can also submit information by email to


    Our Intern

    Thank you to those who helped us reach our goal of raising enough money by September 1, to substantially finish the intern house. We received $32,500 toward our $50,000 goal. With a match of up to $25,000 from our unrestricted Endowment Fund we expect to be able get the house ready for occupancy this fall. Financial gifts are still welcome to help furnish and operate the Intern House. You may give on-line (be sure to select the purpose) or send a check to Grain Place Foundation, 1904 N. Highway 14, Marquette, NE 68854.

    Give Online

    Intern with the grain place


      What Do We Do With Donations?

      Grain Place Foundation is the majority owner of the farm having been given 65% of the shares of The Grain Place, Inc., a privately held, for profit corporation with ownership restricted to members of the Vetter family and the foundation. The goal over the next few years is to have the foundation hold 85%. Don Vetter’s former home has been given to the foundation and serves as the private residence of one of the resident farmers. Continuing the practice of the Vetter family of investing all of the income from the operation of the Grain Place back into the farm means that funds for the operation of the Foundation come from elsewhere. The seed money to legally establish the foundation came from gifts given in memory of Don Vetter who died in March of 2015. Grants help fund some of our specific research projects.

      In April of 2023 we contracted to become a partner in the USDA’s TOPP program which has enabled us for the first time to hire employees of the foundation. We are grateful for the many volunteers who help administer the foundation, conduct research and education, and even help operate the farm.

      You may direct the use of your gift through the “purpose” item on the “donate” button or through comments on your check.

      • “Friends of the Foundation” gifts support general operations. It takes about $20,000 annually to keep the foundation legally operating with volunteer directors. We also invest up to $15,000 annually in farm operations specifically to enable the farm to support two resident farmers. When our TOPP contract ends we hope to be able to continue a foundation employee to help administer the foundation and continue outreach and education programs. This would require an addition $50,000 or more of outside support.

      • “Field Day Sponsorships” help make our annual Field Day and other educational programs possible. These sponsors receive recognition in Field Day promotions and activities.

      • “Rogean Taylor Vetter Memorial” gifts have enabled us to establish an endowment specifically to support internships. With the help of our TOPP contract we establishing a more formalized internship program for students. Income from this endowment will be used to directly support interns. In the Spring of 2023 this fund had grown to over $46,000.

      • “Intern House Building Fund” gifts will help us complete construction of modest accommodations for interns, researchers, volunteers and other folks who need to spend a few days or few weeks on the farm. This project is primarily funded by a $200,000 gift from Greg and Linda Harrison, $100,000 of which was designated by the Board of Directors for this project. (The other $100,000 went into the Unrestricted Endowment Fund.) Additional gifts of about $12,000 have been received for this project and we estimate that it will take an additional $50,000 to enable us to start using the house.

      For information about gifts to Endowment Funds or specific other projects contact: Jay Vetter, 1711 Mills Drive, Estes Park, CO 80517 308 850-3020


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