January 30, 2024

Isaac here again, with the penultimate blog during my internship at the Grain Place. The past week has been very busy as the annual meeting of the NSAS (Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society) ran from Thursday to Saturday. The conference was located in Columbus, Nebraska this year, about an hour away from the farm. The Grain Place is a sponsor of the event and has been involved with the society for many years. Despite that, the livestock don’t particularly care whether…

January 23, 2024

his is Isaac back with another blog, taking you through the highlights of week three in my internship at the Grain Place. As I am writing this, it is Monday and temperatures have risen from below zero all the way to around 30 the past couple of days. That said, the majority of last week was still fraught with freezing temperatures and snow drifting across the farm. This meant that providing animal bedding, moving snow, and ensuring flowing water were…

January 16, 2024

This is Isaac bringing you another week in the life of an intern on the farm at the Grain Place. This week we have been dealing with some freezing winter weather, including several days below zero. In addition to the cold, the farm has received several inches of snow and been very windy. While these conditions mean I have spent more time inside staying warm, there is certainly still work to be done on the farm.

January 12, 2024

My name is Isaac Johnson and for the next five weeks, I will be working as an intern here at the Grain Place in Marquette, Nebraska. This first week has been jam-packed with new information and learning about the farm and the grain processing operations. Given that it is currently January, the working week looks a little bit different than other times of the year. However, there is always work to be done on the farm.