Field Day 2021: July 17 – Virtual

Our annual Grain Place Foundation Field Day on July 17, 2021 gives you an opportunity to tour the farm and grain processing plant and to hear David R. Montgomery in conversation with experienced local organic farmers about what’s new in regenerative, organic agriculture; this year, the whole Field Day will be online. This makes it even easier than usual for us to welcome more farmers, supporters of regenerative agriculture, and curious people who want to know more.

Join us Saturday, July 17, 10am (Central). The 10am Field Day tours and 11am keynote presentation will be followed by interactive breakout sessions from 12-12:30pm, with opportunities for you to go deeper with our presenters and Foundation Board members.

Soybeans growing in soil at the Grain Place

We are excited to find creative new ways to invite you to see what we have been up to at the Grain Place for decades–what we have learned, and the experimentation we are continuing today.

This year, the 28th annual Grain Place Foundation Field Day will be virtual, giving guests from anywhere in the world an opportunity to tour The Grain Place organic farm and Grain Place Foods grain processing plant and hear more about how our farms and agriculture systems can play a part in addressing the challenges of our time. Guest David R. Montgomery will share ideas from his recent book: Growing a Revolution: Bringing our Soil Back to Life, followed by a panel discussion about what this means in our regional context. Panelists include Grain Place farmer David Vetter, Iowa State Professor Kathleen Delate, and Mad Agriculture Farm Planner Rebecca Baldwin-Kordick.

Grain Place farm has long contended that “How your food is produced does matter,” valuing transparency and integrity in our food system. The slogan is posted by the driveway on Highway 14, and written at the top of packages of Grain Place foods, and this year provides the theme for our Field Day. This virtual event gives more people than ever an accessible opportunity to see our local operation, and to be invited into conversation about the future of organics in our nation. Field Day is free and open to the public; register for the webinar to participate in the Q&A and Conversation groups, or watch it via Facebook Live.

David R. Montgomery speaks about his recent book “Growing a Revolution”

David R. Montgomery

In Growing a Revolution, David R. Montgomery reveals that it’s possible to bring a farm’s soil back to life.

Montgomery introduces us to farmers around the world at the heart of a brewing soil health revolution. He cuts through standard debates about conventional and organic farming to show why regenerative agriculture can benefit farmers and the land.

Building on The Hidden Half of Nature, he finds that the combination of no-till planting, cover crops, and diverse crop rotations can sustain the soil microbiome, and thereby a farmer’s crops and livelihood. Combining ancient wisdom with modern science, he makes the case for an inspiring vision where agriculture becomes the solution to environmental problems.

In Conversation with Farmers from our Region

Field Day puts these big ideas in conversation with three leaders from our mid-America region: farmer and organic pioneer David Vetter brings his lifetime of learning on the Grain Place farm in Nebraska, Iowa State Organic Agriculture Professor Kathleen Delate shares her 35-plus years of farm experiences, and Rebecca Baldwin-Kordick brings vision for farm planning from her work with Mad Agriculture in Colorado. 

Tour The Grain Place farm and Grain Place Foods

Take an up-close view of The Grain Place’s long-term experiment in organic farming. We’ll give you a look at our 280 acres near Marquette, Nebraska, where we farm for the health of the soil with a 9-year field rotation. We are eager to share our current experiments and research plans.

Plant tours will give folks a chance to see how the Grain Place Foods products are processed from organic grains and other ingredients. From what machinery is used for cleaning to what tests run in the onsite laboratory, the plant tour will demonstrate a core belief that from planting to packaging: How Your Food is Produced Does Matter!

Join With the Virtual Community

Field Day brings together farmers, local people interested in organics, industry leaders and much more. For a second year, we are able to include an even broader group of participants, as a virtual Field Day makes the event increasingly accessible. As interest in organic food continues to grow, this event provides an opportunity to understand more about where organic food comes from and why that matters.

Our virtual platform will give us a chance for interaction–following the presentations, we invite you to stay online for conversation and Q&A in smaller groups with shared interest, led by our presenters and Foundation Board members. You will be able to deeper and learn from one another, with other people who have the same questions and interests.

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