Why Donations Matter

Your donations will enable the Foundation to continue the Grain Place’s legacy of regenerative agriculture, continuing our commitment to the soil and all the life that connects to it.

What Do We Do With Donations?

All the work of the foundation, and much of the farming, has been carried out by volunteers.  Our hope is to transition to a modest paid administrative staff over the next few years. But we have big dreams, too! The by-laws are written in such a way that future growth of the foundation is not limited to just the Grain Place.  We are open to what will develop as more people get involved in our mission. We believe we have an important role to play in advancing healthy soil and communities.

Basic operations, assuming grant funding for additional programs, will require at least $20,000 per year.  Transitioning to even a part time paid staff will require at least $50,000 per year. With $150,000, we could confidently move forward with our vision for staff and programs.

The Grain Place Foundation has received gifts of stock in the Grain Place farm, and anticipates owning at least 85% percent.  The Foundation will gradually assume control of the farm’s operations.  (The Grain Place farm is a privately held, for profit, corporation with ownership restricted to members of the Vetter family and the foundation.  Over the next several years family members will continue to give shares of stock to the foundation.) In addition, the foundation has received ownership of Don Vetter’s former home from his family, which serves as a guest house and the official office for the Foundation.

Continuing the practice of the Vetter family of investing all of the income from the operation of the Grain Place back into the farm means that funds for the operation of the Foundation come from elsewhere. Your donations and Foundation fundraising enable the work of the Grain Place Foundation. The seed money to legally establish the foundation came from gifts given in memory of Don Vetter who died in March of 2015; grant support has helped sponsor the annual Grain Place Farm Tour and Summer Seminar.

Plans are being developed to establish internships and cooperate with Educational Institutions (particularly UNL) in research projects of students.   The Foundation is actively involved in hiring staff for the Grain Place, which is integral to our mission.

Founding board members and the Vetter Family have made a commitment to develop something that will enable future generations to enhance a legacy.