Leadership Opportunity in Organic/Regenerative Agriculture


We are looking for the right person(s) to whom we can transition leadership of The Grain Place and Grain Place Foundation.  After several decades of operating this pioneering organic farm, we are transferring ownership from the Vetter family to a scientific and educational non-profit whose purpose is the advancement of organic/regenerative agriculture.  This is a full-time, hands-on position that grows from the ground up. In addition to direct operation of the farm this would involve research, education including supervising interns, foundation development, and involvement in the larger organic/regenerative movement.

David Vetter

This is an opportunity to be mentored by David Vetter who has been a respected leader and pioneer in organic agriculture on the same farm for more than 45 years, as well as Raymond Hain, our current farm manager; we seek someone to lead the farm and foundation into the future.  Position can be tailored to fit experience and skills of the right candidate.   Learn more about Grain Place Foundation on our website  www.grainplacefoundation.org

Interested persons are invited to send a letter of inquiry and resume to:  Jay Vetter, 1711 Mills Drive, Estes Park, CO 80517  or email:  jay@grainplacefoundation.org

Job Opening: Farm Hand/Farm Trainee

Job Opening: Farm Trainee
Job Opening: Farm Trainee

The Grain Place is current seeking a Farm Hand/Farm Trainee, to assist the Resident Farmer/Farm Manager in performing all tasks associated with the design, establishment, and subsequent upkeep of the farm to ensure a certified organic, sustainable and profitable model is maintained and the health of both animals and crops are kept at the highest level of current certified organic and Regenerative standards.

This person would help operate and develop the farm on behalf of the Foundation and family shareholders consistent with the philosophy and systems historically practiced (rotation plans, field layouts, etc.) and the vision and purpose of the Foundation to advance management of life forms in symbiotic relationships for the production of food, feed, and fiber through operations in cooperation with the local ecology and by providing educational programs.

The Farm Trainee would help develop innovative/non-conventional ideas and practices with a willingness to learn from failures as well as successes, a process requiring flexibility, adaptability, and capacity to document activities and results using available technology (pc, tablets, etc.)

This is an entry level position with opportunity for the right person to grow with the job.  This could be a full or part-time position. 

More information, including who to contact regarding this position, is available on our Job Opportunity page.