Get Involved

The next step for the Grain Place Foundation is to transition operation of the Grain Place to a new generation of leadership.  Members of the Vetter family are in process of transferring ownership of the farm to the foundation. We are searching for the right person or persons to employ as resident farm family and executive director of the foundation.

This is an opportunity for hardworking and dedicated folks to shape and enhance the legacy of the Grain Place.

Transition Campaign

Our goal with this Transition Campaign is to raise $150,000 over three years to fund our first part-time staff person.  This will enable us to focus on our educational and scientific mission as we transition the operation of the farm.  Help us raise the necessary funds to transition to a new generation of leadership.

You can donate now by using the donate button or ask us to contact you about your financial gift.

We hope to fund specific scientific and educational projects through grants and targeted fund raising.

Other ways to support us

Beyond financial support we appreciate your moral support and encourage you to spread the word about us.   Let us know of folks you think would appreciate knowing about our work.  Share their contact information in the comments section of this link.

We are also working on ways to utilize volunteers in both foundation and farm work.   Let us know what you might be interested in doing.

Let us know you have farm or office equipment or supplies that you think we might be able to use and would like donate.