Our Beliefs

The choice to farm for the quality of the soil requires commitment.

We believe farming can serve the community and the health of the earth. We value farming in a way that contributes to the well-being of others and other creatures.  

We value science and learning. We have benefitted from studies in soil science and agronomy, and hope to continue to contribute to scientific study of our farming practices and our natural environment. We are always learning.

For the Vetter family, our values have been grounded in a Christian ethic that calls us to care for God’s creation. We do so not only because it’s useful or profitable, but because we see and value the integrity of creation.

We value farming for the long-term, caring more about quality of the life in the soil that any year’s annual return. Over the life of the Grain Place, we have invested our profits into the project of the farm; in giving the farm to the Foundation, we continue to believe the value of the farm cannot be measured except in the health of the soil.

We also value transparency in our food system. We welcome visitors to the farm, and are pleased to share our practices, successes and failures with others.